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From small beginnings come great things!

The story of C.T.O. Food is a story of commitment. Since 1999, our pioneering spirit and dedication to quality have driven progress and innovation, and we remain committed to always enhancing our role as a reliable supplier.

C.T.O. is an international supplier of poultry & meat products based in Belgium.

Offering customers a choice of products (chicken, turkey, hen, duck, goose, porc & beef) to meet their needs has always been central for C.T.O.’s success, and today this is no less important. Together with some of the most modern international poultry and meat plants (abattoirs, cutting plants, meat processors) in Europe, we have built a very strong long standing and successfull suppliers base.

Over the years, C.T.O. has thoroughly mastered all aspects of supply chain, risk management and traceability in food business – from farm, through processing and packaging to client. This approach allows us to keep scrupulously to our quality standards and provides the customers of C.T.O. with the assurance they are receiving only the finest quality poultry and meat products.

In addition to the testing of representative samples of each product by the C.T.O. Quality Assurance, experienced purchasing agents inspect all potential suppliers’ processing facilities to ensure product quality before any commitments are made. This careful attention to product quality gives customers an assured supply of high quality commodities for use in the manufacture of your own products and allows you to meet your customers demand with confidence.

The company is totally committed to maintaining this tradition of product quality, supplied at competitive prices and serviced by knowledgeable professionals. At the same time, the company is determined to seek out new and innovative ways to offer all of its customers better products and expanded services in the future.

Our past has been inspirational but our future is full of promise.

C.T.O. is committed to identifying new opportunities (e.g. organic) and market trends (e.g. halal) for growth and to better meet the needs of our customers. Through new product innovations, developing new customer relationships and supply chain management improvements. We are ensuring our company continues to be at the forefront of the poultry & meat business.

If you are looking for a reliable business partner, we will be happy to serve you.
Because together, we play better!

CTO food - Continental Trade Organisation
Villerslei 226 - 2900 Schoten - Belgium
Phone: +32(0)3 789 93 66 Fax: +32(0)3 789 96 21

VAT: BE 0461.617.753

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